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splitChunk – RStudio addin for splitting code chunks in R Markdown

When working with R Markdown I usually use the key command cmd+alt+i to insert new code chunks, i.e. ```{r}\n\n\```. Often I do multiple things in one chunk and then want to split the chunk in two and write some text in-between.

To do this I have created an addin for RStudio that inserts ```\n\n```{r}. I have set this up with the key command cmd+alt+shift+i as it is kind of a “shifted” version of inserting a new chunk.

The cursor is positioned in-between the chunks allowing me to write an introduction to the following chunk or similar.


The package splitChunk can be installed from GitHub. Paste the following code into the console and run it:



It is also available through the addinslist package‘s Browse RStudio Addins addin.

Add Key Command

After installing it, add a key command (e.g. mac: cmd-alt-shift-i, win: ctrl-alt-shift-i) by going to

    • Tools > Addins > Browse Addins > Keyboard Shortcuts.
    • Find Split Code Chunk and press its field under Shortcut.
    • Press desired key command.
    • Press Apply.
    • Press Execute.
  • Press chosen key command inside a code chunk in R Markdown


Go To: Browse Addins

Go To: Browse Addins


Add shortcut

Add shortcut