In close cooperation with Elizabeth Møller Christensen in 2014, I did the website of Engelsholm Castle – College for music and arts.

The website is build with the Ultimatum Theme framework for WordPress. I used these tools to build the site from scratch.

It was a large project and the website contains many functions that are designed to make it easy for the school’s employees to update it with images, events, blogs etc. It has been translated with WPML so that both Danish and English speaking students can use it.

The original logo that can be seen on the screenshots below was made in cooperation with Steffen Nielsen. Engelsholm has later decided to change it though. In this process they also changed the font and colors which means that the current design is different from the original.

Because of the great amounts of information that the site had to communicate we spent months developing a design that was easy to navigate. The users should be able to quickly find the information that they are looking for.


Date: March 2014
Skills: Webdesign