Ludvig Renbo Olsen

MSc Student in Cognitive Science

Aarhus University


Ludvig R. Olsen is currently a master’s student in Cognitive Science at Aarhus University. He has developed three R packages, groupdata2, cvms and xpectr, and written two chapters (4 & 5) for Practical Machine Learning with R. He is active in Effective Altruism Aarhus and intends to use Effective Altruism (EA) to guide his career choices.


  • Effective Altruism
  • Replacing Animals in the Food System
  • Machine Learning and AI
  • Building tools and tutorials
  • Audio Production


  • BSc in Cognitive Science, 2018

    Aarhus University



4-5 years of experience

Machine Learning

TensorFlow, scikit-learn, tidymodels


4-5 years of experience


Frequentist and Bayesian

Natural Language Processing

Data cleaning, transfer learning, classification

Audio Production

Logic, Ableton Live, recording, mixing



Machine Learning Researcher


Jun 2017 – Jul 2018 Aarhus
I worked ~25h a week on Natural Language Processing challenges, mostly using TensorFlow and python.

  • Data cleaning
  • Sentence classification
  • Extending codebase

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Practical Machine Learning with R

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